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To Speakers

Instructions for Speakers

1. Speakers are required to record their presentations and upload the recorded document online. During the conference, we will be playing your recorded video at your assigned presentation time. 

2.  Deadline to upload your recording is 10 November, 2020

Recording Video

Getting Started

1. Before you begin, quit all software not related to recording the presentation. Software running in the background may interrupt your recording with pop-up or sound notifications, such as email, instant messaging, or antivirus monitoring.  Automatic backup software may cause the recording to stutter if it starts backing up your computer during your presentation.

2. Always do a short test recording of your presentation to ensure that everything is working correctly before recording the whole presentation.

3. Please refer to the attached video layout which should be used as a reference when you record your video. (Camera must be turned on during recording and the camera window should be at the top right corner of your presentation slides.)

File Format

1. PPT Regulations: Slide size needs to be set at 16:9 (widescreen)

2. The format of the recording video must be MP4

3. The maximum size for uploading is limited to 500MB

4. Video Resolution: 1280*720p HD is preferred.

5. Be adhered to your schedule, NO timeout allowed.

6. Camera should be turned on during recording and the camera window should be at the top right corner of your presentation slides.

Upload Recorded Presentation

1. You are required to upload your recording for your digital presentation by October 30, 2020.

2. You can upload your presentation from the WCBIP2020 website. Your credentials to log-into the WCBIP2020 registration system will be sent to you. (The account should be your Email and you can change your password once you have logged in.)

Suggested Video Conferencing Tools to Record

The following video conferencing tools provide an easy way to film yourself and your screen at the same time. You can use any of these to record your presentation. Make sure to save your recording as an .mp4 file

1. Zoom (Recommended): You may find a detailed instruction on How to record using zoom attached with this. Zoom recordings would be easy for most people. Basically, schedule a zoom meeting, click “record”, then share screen, then give the talk. Save the video - done. with that type of recording, you have the slides filling most of the screen, and the speaker in the corner.

2. Microsoft Teams: Record a meeting in Teams - Office Support

3. Microsoft PowerPoint: Record a video using PowerPoint

Other Tips for Recording

Please find the attached Video Recording Tips and Best Practices as supplementary reference for your recording experience.

Upload your CV and Photo

1. The WCBIP2020 has prepared a CV template for speakers to download from the website.

2. Speakers need to upload their completed CV online while uploading their recorded videos.

3. Speakers also need to upload their photos through the Personal Information section at the left menu bar.

4. The Deadline for CV uploading is 10 November, 2020.