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Masahide Oki
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National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center, Japan | Department of Respiratory Medicine

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The academic tasks are as follows
Date Time Hall Session Role Theme
2020-11-20 12:40-13:00 Room No. 1

Bronchoscopic procedures for peripheral pulmonary lesions

Speaker Ultra-thin bronchoscopy for peripheral pulmonary lesions
2020-11-20 17:30-18:00 Room No. 8

Accessing Peripheral Nodules - Tools of the Trade

Speaker Ultrathin Bronchoscopy - Back to the Basics
2020-11-21 14:00-14:30 Room No. 1

Systematic Endoscopic Mediastinal Staging of Lung Cancer; EBUS & EUS(B)

Speaker Technical issues & safety of endoscopic mediastinal staging