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Jaulikar Mohammed Munavvar
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Lancashire Teaching Hospitals | Chest Medicine

Dr M Munavvar has been a Consultant Chest Physician/ Interventional Pulmonologist at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, Preston, UK for 21 years. He is currently the President of British Thoracic Society, President of the European Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology, active in the Educational Committee of the World Association of Bronchology, Editorial Board of the Journal of Bronchology and Regional Speciality Adviser for RCP London. He was Regional Adviser, RCP Edinburgh for 7 years.

He has been the founder/organiser of the Preston Basic Bronchoscopy course for over 15 years, BTS Interventional Bronchoscopy/Thoracoscopy course for more than 10 years, and The Semirigid Thoracoscopy course at Preston. He has been an active faculty member at the ERS and EABIP Interventional Bronchoscopy courses at Athens/ Ancona/ Lille/ Bristol/ Oxford. 

He chaired the BTS Basic Bronchoscopy Guideline Development Committee, has been a council member of the British Thoracic Society, and member of the BTS Education and Training Committee for two terms, Specialist Adviser to NICE Interventional Procedures Committee, Director of Research and Innovation, Training Programme Director for Respiratory Medicine and a member of the BTS Specialist Advisory Group for Interventional Pulmonology. He is actively involved in the evaluation of innovative techniques/ tools in Thoracoscopy/ Bronchoscopy, and has a special interest in the Research and Management of Lung Cancer/ Pleural Pathologies/Emphysema/TB and most recently, COVID.

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The academic tasks are as follows
Date Time Hall Session Role Theme
2020-11-20 15:30-17:00 Main Venue

Peripheral lung nodules what to improve the diagnostic yield of transbronchial approach