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Erik van der Heijden
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Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands | Interventional Pulmonology

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The academic tasks are as follows
Date Time Hall Session Role Theme
2020-11-20 12:00-13:30 Room No. 5

Transbronchial ablation current state of practice

2020-11-20 13:30-15:00 Room No. 5

Technological development in EBUS-US technology

2020-11-20 15:30-17:00 Room No. 1

Bronchoscopic Treatment of Peripheral Lung Cancer

2020-11-20 16:00-16:30 Main Venue

Peripheral lung nodules what to improve the diagnostic yield of transbronchial approach

Speaker Cone beam CT: a new perspective for diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary nodules?
2020-11-20 18:00-18:30 Room No. 2

Mediastinal Staging for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Developing World: EBUS role

Speaker Is it EBUS-TBNA an expensive diagnostic modality for Lung Cancer?
2020-11-21 16:00-16:30 Room No. 1

early stage lung cancer diagnostic workflow in IP

Speaker cbCT augmented fluoroscopy based navigation in clinical practice
2020-11-21 17:30-19:00 Room No. 3

Robotic bronchoscopy: Now and Future